Desktop as a Service

12/10/2017 by Brendon Higgins

Desktop as a Service

How? Why? When?


Andrew Cookie


Comparison  (Page 4)

Each organisation will have its own unique mix of requirements when selecting a suitable desktop solution.


  • Where does DaaS fit in? (What is your ambition for the data centre)
  • Does it add or reduce complexity?
  • Should I continue with on-promeis VDI?

Where to begin?

  • Understand your where your business is heading
  • Are your users online or offline workers?
  • What kind of apps are people using
  • Have you adopted a BYO model? (Legal & HR are main blockers)
  • Analysis, discovery



  • Amazon AWS Workspace  - Has application virtualisation tool
  • Citrix
  • VMware (on Azure)
  • Microsoft



  • What does it cost?
  • How is security managed?
  • Connectivity
  • Client Requirements
  • OS Type & Applications
Room - Question & Answers
Where is best to locate desktops.  Desktops host apps, always put the apps (user's highest utilised app) as close as possible to the apps backend.

Licenses - Licenses tend to be owned by the customer and are 'transfered' to the cloud.  AWS DaaS price includes license fees.