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    I have been working in the IT industry for many years. I started in the UK public sector working for an emergency service, which was a real eye opener and certainly taught me what it really meant to work on a critical system. Since then I’ve moved around and enjoyed the opportunity to work with many great people and learn much along the way. I blog about IT topics including complex troubleshooting, home labs, ‘how to’ guides and whatever else takes my fancy. I blog from https://www.bytesizedalex.com/
    Senior Infrastructure Specialist
    Turning Point
    1 years & 6 months ago (16/05/2017)
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    TechUG Manchester
    18 May 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    19 April 2018[ more ]
    TechUG Manchester
    22 March 2018[ more ]
    TechUG Manchester
    13 September 2018[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    18 October 2018[ more ]
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