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    Currently working as independent Lead Infrastructure Architect, I am a seasoned IT professional with over 14 years experience. Having initially started my my career in support in the NHS, I quickly moved up to IT Manager before becoming a consultant working with many leading organisations around London. Using my experiences of deploying VMware in 2004, I took this to other organisations and have been involved in VMware ever since. In 2007 I deployed my first large scale VDI project and this takes me right up to date where I now do lots of work involving Citrix and VMware. My focus is always on improving and simplifying service, both for the end user and for the IT Dept. To that end I am always involved in new and disruptive technologies, working with new and emerging vendors. I am active in the community, having presented at many industry and user events over the years
    Lead Infrastructure Architect
    Banking Industry
    3 years & 9 months ago (29/01/2015)
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