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    I'm a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft Azure MVP and Docker Captain. I've been architecting and delivering successful solutions with Microsoft technologies since 2000, most recently with Big Data implementations in Azure. Currently I'm interested the expansion of the Microsoft stack outside of Windows; exploring the great opportunities opening up with .NET Core running on Linux, and Docker running on Azure. I'm a regular speaker at events and user groups - in 2016 I've been at the WinOps Conference, Docker London and London DevOps. I also run the Pluralsight Meet the Authors group in the UK, where you can come and hear industry experts talk on a range of technologies.
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    2 years & 1 months ago (27/10/2016)
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    TechUG London
    03 November 2016[ more ]
    TechUG Cardiff
    30 March 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Glasgow
    24 August 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    02 November 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Cardiff
    23 November 2017[ more ]
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