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    Gerald Sommariva comes from a technical background but successfully moved into sales in the mid 90's with Convex computers a High performance computer company, he held this position when the company was acquired by HP, subsequently remaining with HP for three years. He then went on to work for a number of Storage and Networking start-up companies, including Netapp, Foundry, Exanet and ONStor. In the last four years was involved in the hyper converge hype at Nutanix and Simplivity as a regional Sales manager selling into a variety of vertical markets. Now heads Reduxio systems UK.
    Country Manager UK&I
    Reduxio Systems
    1 years & 5 months ago (14/06/2017)
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    TechUG London
    15 June 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    19 April 2018[ more ]
    TechUG Glasgow
    22 February 2018[ more ]
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