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    I'm a software developer with a background in design and experience founding and running a tech startup. I offer consultancy, ideation and software development. I develop in Go, Node.js and have been working commercially with PHP and front-end JavaScript for over 10 years. I work with a broad range of web-stack components; servers (Apache, Nginx), data stores (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis), and provisioning (Vagrant, Ansible). I can work within a team, help build a team, advise, or work as a sole-developer. I enjoy working on creative projects, particularly with open or socially-relevant data and have a background in commercial games development.
    Web Service Developer - CTO for Hire - Creative Technologist
    Creative Nucleus
    0 years & 5 months ago (21/09/2017)
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    TechUG Newcastle
    28 September 2017[ more ]
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