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    Matthew Steiner is an experienced presales consultant with a career stretching back over 25 years in the IT industry, the last 16 years of which have been spent providing presales support for technology vendors. He started his career as a PC engineer in the North East of England and then spent 7 years providing technical support and working on IT projects for The Royal Bank of Scotland. In 2000, he moved into presales, first with Compaq and then HP and IBM, working with both x86 and UNIX architectures before moving into the software industry with VMware. He is currently a Cloud Management Evangelist at VMware and has spent the last 7 years with the company where he started as a Cloud Management Platform Specialist SE.
    Cloud Management Evangelist/Strategist
    0 years & 9 months ago (18/09/2017)
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    TechUG Newcastle
    28 September 2017[ more ]
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    22 November 2017[ more ]
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    21 November 2018[ more ]
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