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    Nino is a freelance and deeply passionate about technology, he always likes experimenting and he is very well known in the IT community for creating new innovative approaches on using technology to achieve great results, with high quality and low costs. He has found his greatest interest in the integration of technologies, Nino has invested many years studying and working in this area, developing a deep expertise on any related technology stack, for that reason, in the 2006, Microsoft awarded him with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award, in BizTalk Server, application Integration and now Microsoft Azure. Nino has been a Microsoft Application Integration MVP for 10 years, he always focused delivering significant business integration project that provide exceptional outcomes for the client. He is international speaker and author of many famous publications and articles and he is a very active member in the web and in the community. Nino is father and husband, in his free time, he loves to practice sports, fishing and he is member in the local chess club.
    Global Microsoft Azure Lead
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
    0 years & 11 months ago (30/10/2017)
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