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    Technical Architect in the Desktop and Printing group / IT Services at the University of York. Responsible for Developing / Integrate and Delivering various IT Solutions in Academic environment. Specialising on Windows platform and Virtualisation solutions. Experienced in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ( VDI ) , Application delivery and Mobile platforms for our ever changing roaming users base. Also part of Technology User Group committee , regular present at various IT / Forum events on various aspect of VDI and evolving and emerging technologies and how they affect our IT strategy in Academia.
    Technical Architect
    University of York
    3 years & 9 months ago (09/03/2015)
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    TechUG Dublin
    04 June 2015[ more ]
    TechUG Manchester
    01 October 2015[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    22 October 2015[ more ]
    TechUG Dublin
    26 November 2015[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    18 October 2018[ more ]
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