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    Mike is a highly experienced Cloud & Integration Architect specialising on the Microsoft technology stack. Mike has experience working with customers in both the private and public sector and companies outside of the UK to help them on their cloud adoption journey. Mike also has a lot of experience in the integration of applications on premise, in the cloud and in hybrid scenarios. Mike is heavily involved in community activities and has spoken at many conferences around the world. Mike also runs www.theazurecoach.com which offers a training course called Zero to Cloud in 1 Day with Microsoft Azure which aims to help people get up and running quickly by building an application in a day.
    Cloud & Integration Architect
    Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
    3 years & 3 months ago (28/08/2015)
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    TechUG Newcastle
    10 September 2015[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    22 October 2015[ more ]
    TechUG Newcastle
    22 September 2016[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    25 October 2016[ more ]
    TechUG Cardiff
    30 March 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Leeds
    20 April 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Newcastle
    23 March 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Newcastle
    28 September 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Manchester
    12 October 2017[ more ]
    TechUG Newcastle
    10 May 2018[ more ]


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